Nappies Needed Now

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About this Cause

With the cost of living going up, many families are struggling. One of the most common requests from those accessing our food relief program is for nappies. Disposable nappies and wipes are some of the most expensive items when raising a family. And when you’re facing food insecurity these can be unobtainable and out of your budget. Can you help us supply nappies to help a local family? Donating to this campaign will see The People’s Pantry keep up stock levels of baby wipes and nappies in multiple sizes for those families in need. Please choose how many packs you’d like to buy for someone in need in south-east Sydney. Thank you so much for your love. Every dollar makes a difference. 5 packs: $50 | 2 packs: $20 | 1 pack: $10

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